10 Best Cities for Acroyoga

best cities for acroyoga

Over the past few years acroyoga has quickly grown in popularity and a thriving community has built up around it. This form of yoga is for everyone  and the community are here to help you get started.

Joining a yoga studio, or finding a local meetup, is a great way to get started. Here are our top cities for acroyoga. Thanks to Relodream for some of the recommendations!

But first…

New to Acroyoga?

Acroyoga builds strength and flexibility much like traditional yoga. The two types of acroyoga, which are often referred to as acrobatic and therapeutic (solar and lunar),  can be combined to make a balanced practice incorporating both strength and relaxation. Read our Acroyoga Complete Guide if you want to know a little more before you begin.



Colorado is known for its outdoor focused culture, with emphasis on health and wellness. Acroyoga has caught on quickly in Denver and there is no shortage of studios to visit to get started with.

Flight club is an acroyoga Denver studio offering almost exclusively acroyoga classes that incorporate elements of Thai massage. Thai massage is present in lunar, with the weightlessness experienced in the acrobatic element. They have a full schedule with most of their classes geared toward beginner and intermediate participants.

Yoga High studio has a range of yoga varieties such as Ashtanga, Vin-Yin-Nidra, and of course,  acro. They have a variety of memberships and an intro class for just $5.

Alex and Jeremy acroyoga offer a series of workshops held by two highly qualified instructors trained in this practice as well as rocket yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage. If you’re looking for a more personable approach. Jeremy and Alex’s classes is a good ease into Denver’s acroyoga scene.

San Diego

This beautiful city in California is known for its wonderful seaside views, amazing weather, and yoga! San Diego acroyoga is going from strength to strength and is there any wonder? Check out these San Diego clubs and classes:

The Aerial Yoga studio has a diverse selection of traditional and contemporary yoga styles, and they currently offer two different classes: for all levels and community jam. Sounds like a good time!

Dang Good Yoga offers an “open-level” San Diego acroyoga class that will get you hooked! Suitable for all abilities.

Point Loma Sports Club offers a dynamic practice every Tuesday evening for two hours of acro-fun.


Living in a major city can be majorly stressful; after all the hustle and bustle of London keeps everyone on their toes. The London acroyoga  scene keeps yogis in tune with their body and mind through many studios and classes.

Jaqui Wan yoga offers London acroyoga classes. They mostly meet at the Shiatsu-do School in Finsbury Park. Their approach includes solo practice, partner acrobatics, and healing arts. A bit different to the rest, and well worth the experience. They offer a Sunday night drop-in class. 

london skyline

Indaba yoga Based in Marylebone, these guys offers “asana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions, therapeutic and acrobatic flying”. They emphasise that acroyoga enthusiasts of all ages and levels are welcomed to join in their practice. It might be a good spot to try if you are first starting out in London.


Atlanta lies in the southern part of the US. It is the capital and busy city in the state of Georgia. It may not be the first city you think of when it comes to yoga,  but trust us when we say there’s a lot going on here.

Atlanta Acroyoga offers a range of classes from levels 1-3. These levels are well defined and you will know exactly what you are getting by going. Classes incorporate  both static and dynamic poses. Level 1 starts off with static positions such as Front Bird, Back Bird, Folded Leaf, and a few more. If you are looking for a studio solely dedicated to the practice of acroyoga, may we introduce you to your perfect match.

Infinity Yoga is a studio that offers Atlanta acroyoga classes once a month. Be sure to check the workshops on offer and experience the fun.

The Sky Gym currently offers two Atlanta acroyoga classes. There is one for beginners and one for intermediate and expert acroyogis. Start out in the two-hour beginner class which will get you up to speed with how it works in practice, for just $35. Not bad for an intense class.


Portland Oregon might not be a surprise to many because it’s renowned for a spiritual nature. It is said to be one of the fastest growing acroyoga communities in the world. There are a plethora of studios and communities. We’ve picked three particularly interesting ones.  

Acroyoga Portland lists many classes throughout the city, as well as a unique Portland acroyoga Summer Camp-Out. This is three days of camping just an hour East of Portland that focuses on acroyoga and eating vegetarian meals… yum!park acroyoga

Awaken Integration on Hawthorne Boulevard offers affordable one- hour-fifteen minute classes in therapeutic (lunar) every Monday. They also offer acrobatic (solar) acro every Thursday. They do new classes in Thai Massage and doTERRA Essential Oils!

The Yo Yo Yoga Studio (probably the best name of a studio ever?) recently added acroyoga to their list of practices. They offer a two-hour workshop geared for beginners and it’s definitely something worth checking out!


Seattle, another western United States city, has a growing  community making it easy for a beginner to get into this practice. The expanding Seatle acroyoga community is promoting health, wellbeing, and balance and is a great way to meet new people in this big city!    

Acroyoga Seattle offers classes all over Seattle and there calendar is always full so there will be a class to fit into your schedule.

seattle skyline

In their location in Wallingford, Om Culture Yoga offers Acrobatic Fundamentals & Jam. This class is open for drop-ins; you can expect static poses and a few simple transitions for a balanced class.

The Kula Movement studio offers Seattle acroyoga classes every Sunday and these are open to all levels. The perfect way to end a relaxing weekend wouldn’t you say?


Auckland, New Zealand – a fabulous place with its breathtaking views. You know what we are going to say right? Auckland acroyoga is the perfect companion to the waterfront views.

Raw Yoga is one of the most well-known acroyoga studios in Auckland offering beginner-friendly workshops to get you started.

Through their Facebook community, Acro Yogis New Zealand posts many different, affordable, events in places like Western Park. If you’d rather practice outdoors then look no further.

Acro Kiwis lists classes and meet-ups that are fun and playful. Some of the events include Acroyoga Auckland JAM which is a meet-up of acroyogis. Plus its based on the fantastic Lynn Park.  Some of the classes are different to the usual stuff so make sure you experiment once you’ve  got the basics down.


Like many cities on our list, Vancouver is built-up and has tons to offer. But you know why we are here. Amongst all of the on-goings are some really great companies offering Canada’s best acroyoga experiences.

The Dharma Movement Company offers occasional classes and advertises that their class is for everyone. Drop-ins are encouraged and complete beginners fully welcome.

Vancouver Acro Fest posts various events such as the Winter Acro Fest which lasts a whole weekend and has 11 acroyoga instructors. It’s a really interesting event and we haven’t seen much else like it. Imagine a music festival, but purely for acro! Crazy, right? Take this class for full immersion and definitely bring your own mat.

Unity Yoga offers around 21 different  classes and added acro to the list in October 2016. They’re centred around a light-hearted practice with lots of laughter so no walking in whilst in serious mode!


Located just under Malaysia, this island state is jaw-droppingly magnificent. With lots of unknowns to explore, places to see, and amazing cuisine to have, it’s no wonder the acroyoga in Singapore has sprouted up to be popular among the locals.


Om Shiva Yoga delivers workshops occasionally, so keep an eye out for some of their gems.

Join the acroyoga Singapore page on facebook for updates on events and meetups, for beginners or seasoned enthusiasts.


This city in the United Arab Emirates, is home to many traditional studios  but they change it up every once in awhile. Dubai acroyoga studios here are glorious when you find them, but it can be hard. Here are a few we came across:

Phoenix Rising is known to hold some classes led by Kim Aguilar Danoher, a seasoned yogi specializing in thai massage and acroyoga.

Pay attention to the Acroyoga Dubai Facebook page for upcoming events and share your pictures!

On Signed Events, you can find events such as the Dubai Elemental Immersion. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities and make sure to regularly check their website.


That’s our top 10 best city round up. We hope it has proved useful and inspires you to just go out there and try it. Acroyoga is good for you on many levels, but the best part about it is meeting new people. Jump head-first into the community and fill that acroyoga hole in your life you’ve been missing. Let us know how it goes.

If you want to start at home first with a friend or partner, try our beginner acroyoga poses. They’re quite simple and we provide step by step instructions.

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